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Sublimatie -sublimeren -overdragen van beeld op materiaal.

Plano Plastics on FESPA DIGITAL 2016

Plano Plastics International B.V. develops solutions for sublimation projects. In our extensive range we offer sublimation presses, printing systems, colour management programs and all kinds of ‘rigid’ materials. Companies often think of textile when talking about sublimation, but Plano Plastics International B.V. offers different applications such as 3D and large format sublimation on different kinds of rigid materials, including aluminium, acrylic, stone, glass, metal sheeting, PMMA, HPL wood and much more. Some materials need a special sublimation coating to ensure the highest quality and for this we work only with premium companies. Plano Plastics International B.V. is an internationally focused and service orientated company in which we have our own test and training centre. Customers can benefit from our expertise, ask us questions unique to them and we are always happy to help solve individual challenges. We offer a complete solution from machines, software, colour management and materials.

We are introducing our new machines and materials at FESPA Digital 2016. Visit us: Hall 2 C60.


We are working on a complete product range of rigid materials suitable for sublimation. Before we start working with a new material it has to pass several tests such as UV – durability and scratch resistance. For the highest quality on the end product we work with specially prepared ICC profiles. The following materials have passed all our stringent tests: Aluminium for exterior use (with warranty), Aluminium for interior use, Acrylic (white and clear) and HPL. We will be releasing and showing at FESPA 2016 glass and solid surface materials. Please click on the following link for further information about our materials, click here.


For sublimation you need the WPE sublimation heat press. This is a combined machine with double sided preheating, aluminium heating plates at the bottom, a hot air circulation oven on the top side and vacuum membrane press in one chassis. With this machine you can also produce 3D sublimation products giving an excellent simultaneous sublimation print on the main face & side of the material.


Product information

  • Designed for high quality sublimation
  • Working temperature 165 to 200 degrees centigrade
  • Double sided or one sided heating
  • Bottom heating – anodized aluminium plate
  • Top heating – hot air circulation oven
  • Adjustable digital temperature control
  • Adjustable digital vacuum switch
  • Max. vacuum pressure 10 t/m2
  • Vacuum tank
  • Working height 1m
  • Working mode automatic / manual
  • Opening, closing and locking membrane frame and top heating: Pneumatic or manual

Combination Sublimation and Thermoforming

We can offer you a great thermoforming machine that in combination with the WPE sublimation  press will give you perfect results. For more information, demonstrations or our workshop please contact us.

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